25 Best Short Nail with Simple Christmas Accents That are Inspire

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Long nails have been trending for a while. But the stress of long nails are too much to handle. That is why, many women switch to shorter nails. Keep reading to find more reasons why short nail is the best!

With short nail, you’ll finally able to dress yourself again and you can text quickly. With shorter nail, you can finally use your finger to apply your make up without worrying your nail tabbing your powder formulas accidentally. And plus, you can save your money on manicure! Since Christmas is around the corner, check out these 25 best short nail with simple Christmas accents that are inspire below.

Add a statement nail or two in the form of a stained glass design, either hand-painted or with the help of a nail stencil.
Christmas-tree green and snowy white—and work them into this quick and easy stripe design.
For this design, paint your nails in your desired base-coat color. Choose two lacquers to crosshatch over to create a plaid design, and then finish with a topcoat.
For this fun and festive nondenominational mani, paint one hand in gold polish and the other in silver.
Match your nails to your favorite holiday sweater with a northern Fair Isle look.
Pick your favorite holiday polish and then add metallic tips to give your nail a glamorous boost.
Shine bright with this jeweled nail. Pair it with a matching sapphire dress, like Busy Philipps, and live your most regal life.
Shine the brightest at all your holiday festivities with this gold leaf look. First apply a gold base paint color then top with gold flakes like these ones.
Stars aren’t just for tree toppers. Paint your nails a pretty caramel base and apply small gold stars for a bright finish.
Start by taping off one half of your nail, and then paint in your basic color. Let dry and remove the tape, revealing a clean half to embellish.
This bare half-moon look is a simple way to add color to your nail when you want to let your jewelry do the talking.
This easy negative nail can be made with the help of varying nail tapes. Start with a clear base coat. Once the lacquer is tacky, set alternating strips of metallic horizontally.
To get this celestial look, follow the steps outlined in the previous design, but with metallic star decals instead.
Try a two-color block mani for an artsy twist. Use winter shades, like deep purples, blues, and creams, to add a wintery appeal to it.
Update a classic red nail with the delicate snowflakes.

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Candy canes first started out as straight white sticks used to keep young children quiet during choir services
Mistletoe was once said to possess mystical powers, which is where the first practices of hanging the stuff around your house comes from
Snowflake nail art design look stylish and beautiful. Make with black and glitter color and the put snowflake accents.

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For your simple Christmas nail art, try with red and white base color. And then put deer accents to give a Christmas nuance.
For Christmas nail design, try to make with santa, deer and snowman accents that can you put on your white and black base color.
Put the stars and gold tree accents to make your nail more beautiful. This design look stylish for Christmas design.
Pink and white are perfect colors to make a Christmas nail. Paint a blue ball for your simple accents.
The Santa and stars accents on the red nails give a Christmas vibe, This design look easy but stylish to try.
To make your Christmas nail design, paint your natural nail with Santa caps. It makes your nail look beautiful.

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