32 Amazingly Festive Christmas Nail Art Ideas to Copy Now

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Christmas is the perfect time to enjoy the festivities. There are tons of ways to show off your personality and creativity this Christmas. Not only your house that need your attention. Your look also need special attentions, too!

To celebrate Christmas, your choices in clothes is not the only one highlight of your look. Even a tiny part of your body need extra attention: your nail. Your nails should be polished to festive perfection and coordinate your outfit for your Christmas dinner or lunch to match the traditional red and green colors. To inspire you, we’ve gather these 32 amazingly festive Christmas nail art ideas below to copy right now.

If you like an amazing Christmas nail, try to put bright blue teddy bear accents on your blue nails.
This design look amazing if you try it, the colorful Xmas nails design is combination of some color and Christmas accents.
A combination of grey color with glitter and white snowflake accents give a perfect Christmas nail design.
Cute winter Christmas nail design with red and white colors combination. On white nail paint red gloves and white snowflakes on the red nail.
Easy Christmas tree nail art that can you make with black and soft pink nail color.
To get a classy and glam nail design, you can try with white combination gold glitter accents. It makes a beautiful design for Christmas.
For simple Christmas nail design, natural color works well. Put the gold stars accents and get a beautiful design.
Minimalistic Christmas nail art with snowflakes accents look stylish and trendy. Soft color give a natural feel.
Outstanding Christmas nail design with silver glittering. This makes your design more amazing.

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A shiny sequined style golden manicure with a hint of multi sparkle will last you right through Christmas Evening
It gives such a unique and classy look, the Christmas tree you can see on one nail is an easy addition.
For a statement Christmas manicure, combine red base with a pop of shimmery silver. It’s simple yet beautiful for your Christmas design.
This is quite soft and cute jeweled nail art that you can copy Trees look just amazing with the small yellow stars right on the top of them. Give a perfect Christmas with this design.
This one is simple yet stylish inspired by candy stripes. Uses the gold, black, white and red colors to make it.

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Festive Christmas nail design with bright blue color and beautiful snowflakes accents. This color combination look perfect for Christmas.
The candy cane is a perfect accent to make a beautiful Christmas nail design. The combination of red and white color make your design look bright.
Let your natural nail color and then give a white tip. For accents, paint the polka dots with red and green colors. To complete your style, paint the leaves and berries accents.
The present tie on the white sparkling nail look amazing for your Christmas nail art design.
The combination of red, white and green colors is perfect for your Christmas design.
Gold glitters and white snowflake accents look beautiful and give a glam vibe.
Green, Red White Dotted on your white based nail color gives a colorful ambiance. On another nail, paint with red and green colors.
Grey color-themed Christmas manicure with reindeer and snowflakes accents. It’s simple and easy to try.
Red And White nail design with red snowflake accents on the white nails. To get a glam impression, attached the diamond on your white nails.
If you like a simple design, paint your nail with red color and then paint the white snowflakes accents on it. Ok, it’s easy, right?
Best red and white Christmas nail design with red polka dots tree-shape on the white nail. This design perfect for simple Christmas nail art.
Change your boring nail design with this style. The red and white combination makes your design look bright and fresh.
Reindeer accents on the white nail create a Christmas feel. This design look perfect and beautiful to try at the Christmas party.
Snowman paint makes your red nail more attractive. To get an elegant look, add the glitter on your nail.
There are so many ways to show off your Christmas nail design. Red and white colors with snowman accents look perfect design.
White Dotted On Red Nail with white tree accents makes your nail design more stunning.
Black base nail color create a dramatic look. Add snow accents and get a perfect Christmas nail design.

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