Slay Your Boring Nail with These 8 Glitter Nail Art Designs

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Are you going to attend a special occasion but don’t know what to do with your appearance? Feel like you need a change but not too much? Well, let us tell you that your nails do speak a lot for your look. Give your nail a little color and glimmering glitter. It will allow you to stand out and slay the day.

1. The Coastal Nail Art Design

Do you need a classy and elegant glittery nails design? The one that not too much yet perfect for work, party, or play? Here, this coastal themed manicure combines white and blue with gold glitter. The combination giving fresh ocean look with seashells and sparkling golden sand on it. Don’t forget to apply clear nail polish for the coat.


2. The Rainbow Sky Nail Art Design

Say bye to your pale and dull nails! Your look will be so much brighter and appealing with this rainbow nail art. Its whimsical gradient of tones plus glittery coat is irresistible. Moreover, the beauty of this ombre nail art is suitable for any occasions.


3. The Deep Water Nail Art Design

This beautiful deep watercolor design will elevate your look from basic to brilliant. The blue glitter which covering the entire nails is so simple but beautiful. Totally, adored by many people. You can wear this design to a wedding, an elegant tea party, a formal dinner, or a mere evening meet up with your besties.


4. The Chic Nail Strip Tape Design

Give a tidy geometric look with silver nail strip tape. Here, you have the combination of baby blue and nude color as the base. The silver strip tape which crosses it makes the design have a strong line. This design provides a chic but classy look that suitable for both formal and non-formal occasion.


5. The Floral Nail Art Design

Inspired by the beauty of fall, this elegant floral accent is worth to try. The nude base color combine with bright floral looking so delicate. But don’t forget, you have a combination of full gold glittered nail to make a strong gorgeous look. Who can resist this nail art design, right?


6. The Subtle Gradient Design

The subtle gradient nail art design always vibrate a delicate vibes. The simple nude and white color, fuse like a twilight sky. To take this subtle gradient color to another level, we can cover it with the silver glitter. Here, you are owning delicate yet gorgeous nails.


7. The Rhinestone Nail Design

Get this royal design to slay the party. The deep red yet glossy base give a strong look. Then, cover the edge of the nails with gold glitter to make it look royal and classy. Finish it with some fabulous rhinestones. Now, you are ready to hit the dance floor and swing your beautiful nails on the air!


8. The Beauty in Gothic Nail Art

For you the edgy fashionista! Gothic nail art is the perfect way to express personality. The black mate nail polish will be the perfect base. Adding some geometric pattern is a fire way to make it fancier. Then for the final, combined it with gorgeous silver glitter to get the glam and blink.


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