24 Simple and Easy White and Red Color Combinations for Short Nail

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Red color is never go out in style. This color is bright and put together, but it molds to whatever style you’re looking for that day. No wonder red has been one of the most popular manicure colors of all time. And plus, it isn’t changing any time soon!

Are you a nail addict? Do you need nail ideas? Today, we’ve put together these 26 ideas for you who like red color and want to combine it with white color. But sorry, it is not for long nails, it is special for short nails!

Red and white tips with berries accents for short nails.
The red tips manicure with white abstract accents.
White rhinestone on the red nails.
Perfect white lace on the red silk nails.
Beautiful red rhinestone on the white nail and white tips on the red nails.
Best red glitter tips and white snowflake on it.
The white lace accents on the red nails.
Simple red and white floral nail designs.
Simple red tips with white lines on the nude nails.
The red rhinestone accents on the white nails.
Perfect red base nail color with white tips.
Creative red and white lace nail art.
The red maroon nail designs with white lace accents on it.
White lines at the end of red nail color.
Best white tips and rhinestone on the red nail.
Lace accent and red tips on the natural nails.
Polkadots and white tips on the natural nails.
Easy nail design with white tips on the red maroon nails.
Red and white floral accents on nude nails.
White base nail with red tips at the end of nails.
Lace accents on the red nails.
White tips and heart fro red base nail color.
Elegant rhinestone on the red and white nail color.
Perfect white base nails with red tips.

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